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Travel & Hospitality Report: Connecting The Customer Experience Dots

Over the last 6 months, senior executives from across the travel and hospitality industry have had their say regarding the challenges that they are facing on the road to customer excellence, and their thoughts have been compiled into this long awaited report! Download your free copy to discover exclusive interviews with senior level executives from KLM, Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways, Carlson Rezidor and more as they describe how they’ve addressed the biggest CX challenges. 

Understanding CX Leaders' Top 10 Investment Priorities

Ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel & Hospitality, attendees were asked what their top business challenges are and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months to ensure their CX initiatives result in increased customer acquisition, loyalty and profits.

The Power Of Emotional Engagement

Customer Experiences still vary greatly, both between and within businesses. Customers are still treated in a transactional way, instead of a process that actually has a lot more emotional complexity to it. Loyal customers are the key to success, and organisations are understanding more and more that the way to build loyalty is to generate an emotional and personalised experience for their customer base to ensure they truly feel valued. This can be tough, and with board buy-in tougher than ever before, it can be hard to justify spend and time on such initiatives. However, crack it now and you’ll have a competitive edge that will propel your business to success. A must read!

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Guest Service At Disney: Surprising & Delighting Guests At Every Touchpoint

Bob Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Travel Operations, Disney Destinations, shares Disney’s perspective on what’s important to create memorable experience for their guests. Bob’s unique insight helps explain how Disney creates guests who absolutely love the brand, and who are consistently delighted by their experiences.

Creating A Winning Customer Service Through Brand Quality

Tim Genovese, VP Quality, IHG, dives into brand consistency, and it’s importance when reaching out to your customers from a marketing perspective.

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Theresa Mattisson, Head of Ecommerce, Nordic Choice Hotels

Theresa Mattisson, Head of Ecommerce, Nordic Choice Hotels digs deep into the ecommerce side of the Hospitality industry, discussing how to deliver a great experience digitally for customers whilst personalizing the journey leading to loyalty and satisfaction.

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor Hotels

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor Hotels talks about the importance of using customer data when predicting behaviors within hospitality. An effective data strategy means that the CX strategy can be differentiated and personalized to each customer.

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar, prides himself on delivering the very best level of service possible. Here, Nick outlines how Eurostar’s market research translates into real customer results.

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Connecting the CX World

The million dollar question in new-age travel & hospitality right now: How can the travel and hospitality industry connect customer journey dots to ensure a holistic, personalized and connected journey for their customer?

That’s the question Accor Hotels, Disney, Dorchester Collection, Hertz, The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Virgin Atlantic and Yotel have sought to answer in this exclusive just released report “Connecting the CX World”. 

Travel & Hospitality Report: CX Investment Priorities

The Travel & Hospitality industry continues to evolve in a world that becomes more connected by the day. But this high speed evolution is not without challenges, in particular from disruptive competition and OTAs reducing direct bookings and hitting the bottom line.

To stay ahead of the fierce competition, heads of business are now more than ever realizing that they must transform their businesses to be customer-ready, and not just customer-first.But what specific investments are currently being made to ensure a great CX strategy? What’s the best way to roll such strategies out across the business?How can CX Directors be sure they are utilizing the right partners to secure direct bookings?

These are the questions the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel & Hospitality have asked senior CX executives from the likes of Hyatt, IHG, , Walt Disney Resorts, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, Travelzoo, Accor Hotels, Cathay Pacific and many more, who shared their biggest CX challenges as well as details of the solutions and services they are planning to invest in to support their CX strategy!